Free Jazz Guitar Lessons and Book Suggestions

Robert Conti Jazz Improvisation DVD excerpt :

Summertime Jazz Guitar Solo Video by Duck Baker :

Book & DVD Suggestions for Jazz Style Guitar Play

Beginning Jazz Guitar (Book & DVD)

This book is an excellent intro to Jazz and also provides good theory backgroung to play effectively.

Jazz Guitar Technique

If you want to overcome your limits and play better and harder Jazz pieces, this book is a superb choice. Beginners can also learn lot from it.

How to Play People Are Strange The Doors Video

A gem from the 1967 Strange Days album. Neil Hogan from TotallyGuitars shows a nice interpretation of the song and explains all the chords, arpeggios nicely. Here is People Are Strange guitar video.

Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Video Guitar Lesson

This is a nice interpretation of legendary Hey Joe song. Actually, it could be told slower how to play it but still you can track it. Anyway, here is the video.

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne Free Guitar Lesson

Easy to understand video with basic power chords usage and the main riff.

Learning Electric Guitar with Fender DVD

This DVD is for beginners and you should go to these links accordingly if you are looking for intermediate or advanced guitar learning sets: Learn Rock Guitar Intermediate Program
or Advanced Program

Getting Started on Electric Guitar offers a complete course for the beginning electric guitarist. Step-by-step lessons incorporating clear, easy-to-follow 3-D graphics and unique play-along tracks teach the viewer the essential chords, scales and techniques used by electric guitar players in every popular style, including rock, blues and country. This electric guitar beginnder instructional DVD is separated into two major sections.

Part 1 : The First Step covers: tuning methods · string names · essential chords and scales used by all players · musical reference section (notes, rhythms, chords and scales) · practice tips · fretting-hand technique · picking-hand technique · backing tracks for play-along · an animated fretboard · plus much more.

Part 2 : Play Electric! covers: right-hand technique · left-hand technique · rhythm parts (muting, alternate picking, arpeggios) · soloing technique (string bending, vibrato) · rock, blues & country styles · rhythm and solo ideas for each style · backing tracks in each style for play-along · sounds (amplifiers and effects) · caring for your instrument · and tips from the Fender Custom Shop.

Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar -- A Guide for Beginners

Nirvana - 2 Smells Like Teen Spirit Rhythm Lessons

Metallica Enter Sandman Main Riff

Ok, now an old school lesson. The teacher plays first then shows slowly how to playe this Metallica song with tabs. Nice free metal riff video.

Bestseller Guitar Instruction Book & CD Set

Hal Leonard Guitar Method is designed for anyone just learning to play acoustic or electric guitar. This is an excellent book for learning guitar, even with zero previous knowledge of how to play. No need for expensive lessons.

Playing along with the cds is excellent practice. Most songs on the cds have slow and fast tempos. The book is very well written and easy to understand. It goes into great depths to ensure you can read music and play effectively.

Playing Stairway to Heaven Solo

This video shows you how to play the great Jimmy Page solo section of Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin classic. Beware that it is not easy for beginners. If you are an average player you can try doing it.

Serious Guitar Learning

I know that you are enjoying free guitar lessons at this video blog but if you want to learn playing guitar faster, you should definitely follow a structured system. Here is the best guitar learning instruction I have found at internet. Guitar Method Version 4.0.

No need to give hundreds of dollars to teachers. First finish the lessons on this program and you will see that then you can learn everything by yourself to advanced level.

Playing Johnny B. Goode Easy Way

This video shows you how to play famous Rock'n Roll Lick Johny B. Goode of legendary Chuck Berry. Enjoy!

Pleasant Jazz Guitar Lick

This one is played over a B7 going to Eb7. Here is the instruction video

Drop D Tuned Fast Metal Riff

First of all, let's tell briefly what the Drop D tuning is and why we need it. DADGBE, also known as simply as drop D, is an alternate guitar tuning style in which the lowest (sixth) string is tuned down to D rather than E. It is preferred for playing rock and metal rhythms and riffs by many guitarists because it is so easy to achieve power chords with a single index finger. You can also produce a fuller sound as in the guitar riff in this training video. Enjoy!

Learn to Play Power Chords Video

This is a good instructional guitar video for beginners to master power chords and palm muting. There are accompanying tabs which show how to press the fingers in the video. Listen good music and have a nice day!

Basic Alternate Picking Video

In this guitar lesson video, Todd shows us how to do correct alternate picking for speed increase. Enjoy!

Super Beginner Start Video : Guitar Anatomy

At this blog, I will post the free guitar lessons which I have found in internet. Here is a introductory guitar basics video from iplaymusic.

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