Playing Easy Triads & Chord Inversions Rhythm Lesson

This is the first part of a 22 minute lesson on some nice beginner level triads & chord inversions where you can use on your rhythms. He explains clearly what is needed. Nice short guitar lesson video.

Nice Short Blues Guitar Lick in E

You can improvise the guitar lesson video according to these blues basics providing the guitar lick stays in E key.

For serious blues guitar teaching, check Learn to Play Blues Guitar Level 1 DVD at Amazon.

It is one of the most recommended blues guitar instruction videos.

Flying High with Rock Guitar Learning Program

I had reviewed Learning Electric Guitar with Fender DVD
in one of my previous blog posts.

Now, I had a chance to look at Rock House Beginner Guitar Program in detail. If you play badly (even you try harder and harder) or no to little experience with playing guitar at all, you have found your perfect learning tool. This program teaches you essential Rock playing style with basic Rock & blues chords, common scales, solo patterns with bends, hammer ons, offs and a little touch of improvisation with the basics. Everything is clear. Watch and listen the teacher carefully on these videos, then start exercising slowly and you will notice that your abilities to understand Rock music and play will increase gradually and strongly.

One of the highest customer rated Amazon guitar learning dvds.

Rock House: Learn Rock Guitar - Beginner Program
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